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Accent Piano School is a home-based, structured musical education establishment since 1999. Accent Piano School welcomes diverse backgrounds and assorted musical tastes. While many start when young, the benefits of incorporating musical studies can enrich at any age. Accent Piano School is often represented at several music festivals around the region and at RCM examinations where students showcase their work.  During the pandemic, the School underwent a rapid evolution to include online mode of learning. Despite the transition, seventeen students won 59 awards in 2021, and eighteen students won 76 awards in 2022 in local, provincial and Canada-wide festivals. Amidst the pandemic, Accent Piano School held 5 virtual and 2 in-person concerts. Currently, Accent Piano School offers mainly in-person lessons, however, in accordance with Ontario Public Health, can be flexible to accommodate online sessions.



Quality music education is at the forefront of everything we do. Welcoming students from age 5 through to adulthood, using the Royal Conservatory of music methods we promote the highest standard of musical education. 


We believe music enriches the life of people. Piano playing is an enjoyable way of developing co-ordination, self-worth and self-discipline. Music with the other arts is essential to a complete education.

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