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Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of music do you teach?
  • We offer students various music styles besides their classical music for a well-rounded music education. The program includes classical, jazz and blues, popular, Broadway and sacred music. The Royal Conservatory of Music program also includes popular music styles. Students can have these pieces in their exam program besides their classical ones.

Why is theory important? 
  • Music theory is like the ingredients of making music; without it, students do not understand how the different keys and harmonies are related. It also helps students with technical studies, remembering scales and writing musical compositions. Theory exams are co-requisites for piano grades.

Tips for caring and choosing your piano. 
  • Acoustic preferred.

  • 88 key weighted digital piano.

Do I need teacher approval before registering for RCM exams? ​
  • ​Yes, the teacher will go over the entire process when the time comes.

Is My Child Ready to Start Lessons? 

  • There are many elements to lessons and private instruction that you, as a parent should know.  Before considering lessons ask yourself:

  • Does my child show an interest in music?

  • How does my child respond when they hear music? Does my child sing along?

  • Does my child move to it?

  • How does my child act when lessons are mentioned?

  • Is the child happy about it?

  • Does my child experiment with the sound and feel of the piano?

  • Do I believe my child will succeed in music?

  • Do I find music education valuable?

  • How does my child handle frustration or difficult tasks?

  • How do I plan to help my child create a daily practice routine between lessons?

  • Am I willing to spend time, money, and support for my child to be successful in lessons?

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Things to Know Before Your First Lesson

  • A well-tuned piano (acoustic preferred)

  • Metronome

  • Dictation book or practice record book

  • Graded books of Celebration series: repertoire & study books

  • Scale book of your grade

  • Sight-reading book of your grade

  • Theory book of your grade

  • Piano book bag


You will need:

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